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Basic Website Terminologies

To know what you want for your Brunei business’ website, you have to know some of the basic jargon or terminologies that web designers and web developers use. Sure, you can always ask your web developers in Brunei to explain to the concepts, but why waste that time later when you can learn the basics now? Understanding the terms they use will give you a much easier time in knowing what you really want, explaining to them the vision, and turning that vision into a working and powerful website. Let’s look at some fundamental terms for web development.


Domain Name Server (DNS)

Domain Name Server is the server address to your website that you often have to purchase. This is what the user types in to get to your website – usually the company name.


Website vs Webpage

This is possibly the most confusing and interchanged words in web design and development. Webpage is a single page that contains the information and various media like images and art. Website, on the other hand, is the collection of these webpages. For an easy analogy, your website is a book while the webpage is a single page.


Web Navigation

This is the menu found on top of the website. This shows the user the several webpages of your website that they can navigate through.


Contact Form

If you have a product or service, the user will usually look for contact details. However, most website themes now use a more effective way is to include a contact form  – a form that they can fill up to get in touch with your company.


Above and Below the Fold

Above the fold is a term used referring to the portion of a website that users see upon entering the page. Below the Fold, on the other hand, is a term used to refer to the bottom portion of the website. Seems simple, but this is where you decide what information the user gets to see first, and the information that the user has to scroll to.


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