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Common Mistakes People Make in Product Photography

With competition rising in online markets, your product photography can either make or break your brand and business depending on your strategies. Great product photography is essential for helping customers get to know a product and purchase it, and in turn, poor product photography skills can shoo prospective buyers away. Below are some of the most common mistakes in product photography people make, leading to them ending up in the latter category.


Poor lighting

Lighting is a crucial factor not only in product photography, but in photography in general. It is usually not recommended in product photos to use direct light, dim lighting, the wrong color light, and a combination of natural and artificial lighting. Make sure the adequate amount of light is reflected on to the product.


Busy background

Background colors should complement the product being featured and prevent grabbing the attention away from the product, such as in the case of busy backgrounds. Keep the background simple, neutral, and clean to focus on the product.


White balance

White balance is the “color temperature” camera setting, and an accurate white balance is essential in product photography since you should display the colors of the product correctly. Product shots that are too warm or cool-toned have the tendency to disappoint customers who expect the color of the product to be exactly like that in the photo.


Not preparing your product or background beforehand

The quality of the product can be seen in its appearance, and customers know that. For instance, wrinkled clothes or electronic gadgets with visible fingerprints on the screen are not particularly appealing. Additionally, a stained white background is also noticeable and unattractive, so take the extra time to clean and prep your product properly.


Blurred images

Customers want to see their product purchase as detailed as possible because they cannot hold or interact with the product online, so it is necessary for your product photos to be sharp and clear. Blurry pictures are off-putting and do not provide a good representation of the product, so it is highly suggested to invest in a tripod and timer to avoid shakiness.


No image variety

A single shot of the product is not enough. Customers want to see as much angles as they can so they get an accurate grasp of what the product actually appears to be in real life, so try to include as much details of the product as you can but remember to still be consistent.


Professionals on product photography already have these mistakes in mind and try to avoid them as much as possible, so investing in hiring a team for this is highly suggested. Our team at Activ8 BN is here for your product photography needs! You can visit our office at Unit 14C, Ground Floor, Block B, Muhibbah Complex II, Kg Menglait, Gadong BSB, Brunei-Muara, BE3919, Brunei Darussalam, email, or contact +673 242 4102 / +673 884 7828 for more details

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