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Design and Content Creation

What we do

We can help you create a lasting impact.

Let us assist you in creating thought-provoking designs and stories that captures the attention of your audience. We promise content that inspires, persuades and converts.

Digital Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a form of visual communication that involves images, typography and colours with one purpose – to persuade a customer’s decision-making. Clever graphic design not only can amplify your advertisement, it also creates a long-lasting impression to your company. 

Company Branding

Establishing a brand is an important first step and investment to every business. A brand is more than a visual identity, it brings confidence, credibility and consistency that attracts ideal clients and boost results.


With razor-sharp targetted writing, we can create content that is strategic, immersive and engaging to push towards real change and results.

Content Writing

Content writing allows smooth communications between you and your market. Whether it is short-form communication or long writing, us at Activ8 BN can craft content that catches and persuades your customer’s attention.

Brunei graphic designer illustrating a creative artwork for client content creation with an editing software

Why Graphic Design Important?

Graphics play an important role in communicating with your customers or to advertise your product and services.


Good graphic design can convey better than words
  • Create a long-lasting impression that works beyond language
  • Example: the logo of Apple is enough to know its company name.
Enhance visibility and attract attention
  • Producing promotional and marketing digital posters
  • Relaying information in a visually appealing way
Build your basic brand
  • To create a unique brand, your company needs a distinctive brand features such as brand logo and colours. Example: Apple, McDonalds, Volkswagen
  • To appear a certain, specific way; whether it is fun and exciting, or corporate and professional.

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