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Benefits of Whatsapp blast service providers

Whatsapp, launched in 2009, has revolutionized markets for easy messaging and broadcasting on mobile devices. Considering that majority of people nowadays never leave their homes without their phones, this is a huge market that any company should tap into. One of the means on tapping into this market would be utilizing the current top used messaging app around the globe.

Whatsapp boasts 1.5 billion active users monthly. And when we take into account that Whatsapp does not allow the broadcasting of ads to their users, it is a huge opportunity especially if your company is still small and needs a boost in terms of visibility wherever you are in the world.

What’s great about Whatsapp is that it isn’t limited to just text-based messages. You can do voice calls, video calls, images and other media, documents and even your own location. Truly a handy tool that’s well used by everyone.

When we get into the meat of Whatsapp marketing, we see that it focuses the advertising of your own company since the app does not allow for ad broadcasting. Your company’s products or services are given directly to the people. But considering that Whatsapp doesn’t offer you to make business accounts, each account has its limitations just as everyone else’s has.

So, how do you get into Whatsapp marketing? You can always do it yourself. Start small, create a buzz with your account, and then gather attention on the app and then use that opportunity to promote your products or services. However, starting small, while admirable, takes way too much of your precious time you could spend on improving other assets of your company. That’s why these companies can help out to promote your company through Whatsapp.

Space Edge Technology’s global Whatsapp service enables you to unleash the potential of your business. Ranging from banking up to travel and logistics, their company is sure to promote your services to the many users of Whatsapp that are eager to find out about what you can do for them.

Activ8 Brunei also does Whatsapp marketing. Focused on content creation and text blasting in Brunei, you can be rest assured that their team of specialists will get your content onto Whatsapp users.

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