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Web Resources to Inspire Graphic Design in Brunei

A situation that is all too familiar to creatives: no idea seems to be working, no inspiration is coming up and all creative fuel are drying up. Creative block happens even to the best of us. Looking to reignite the spark of creativity? Here are five useful web resources for graphic designers to break through your creative block:

  1. Listen – ‘Adobe’s Wireframe with Khoi Vinh’

Hosted by Adobe’s Principal Designer, former Design Director for The New York Times and one of Fast Company’s ‘Top 50 Most Influential Designers in America’, there is no better person to learn about design than from Khoi Vinh himself. ‘Wireframe’ demystifies design processes and thinking by bringing talented designers in a discussion to tell stories about design, art, culture and technology. Interested in typography? Give their episode ‘Why We Love to Hate Comic Sans and the Return of Fonts with Personality’ a listen!

  1. Read – ‘It’s Nice That’

Reading about other creative projects from different mediums can help you shift to a different perspective. Without realising you are falling to the same creative routine and design process that keeps you complacent and stagnant. Looking at what other creatives are doing can spark inspiration and motivation to try something fresh and new. From typography, animation, logos to rebrands on top of useful interviews from various renowned graphic designers from around the world, a read of ‘It’s Nice That’ blogs will surely help you in breaking free from that creative rut.

  1. Browse – Behance

Looking for an easy breezy creative inspo? You can harness the power of Behance! With Behance, you can easily scroll through endless posts and moodboards while networking with other designers. Spending time working through a project alone can be dulling. Connect and engaging with other creative designers is a great step in getting out of your own mind and taking in different perspectives. With Behance, you can also share your portfolio to gain feedback from other designers in the platform.

  1. Typography – ‘Fonts In Use’

Finding a new source of inspiration may just be a letter away. For some fresh ideas on typography, ‘Fonts In Use’ is an invaluable hub for inspiration and resource! The website is a public catalogue of typography categorised by typeface, format, industry and period. Whether you simply want to browse their collection or read their blog on particular iconic typographies, you’ll definitely find something to spark your creative fuel to get back on track!

  1. Colours – ‘Coolors’

Inspiration can be found anywhere – all you have to do is press the spacebar! Explore a plethora of colours and palettes with ‘Coolors’! The website generates different colour palettes every time you hit the spacebar. Mix and match colours and try different colours in your work, it might ignite a spark of inspiration or motivation to create something different!

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