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2022 Trends for Web Development in Brunei

Trends may not last forever, however it is a good way to keep track of tech insights that can be useful to calibrate your next step or development towards a long-term growth. Come all web developers, we have compiled 5 web development trends of 2022 for you!

  1. AI Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots are only getting better by the year. AI chatbots are expected to be more advanced in meeting the needs of users through more refined machine learning, natural processing, and information retrieval techniques. AI-enabled chatbots can reduce labour costs in terms of customer service. User-driven data gathered by the AI can better inform the machine to improve the customer service and thus creating a more seamless digital experience to all website users. AI chatbots is considerably expensive, however with the above advantages in mind, there is no arguing that it is a worthwhile investment in the long run.

  1. WordPress Development

Over 40% of all websites uses WordPress CMS, and with great power comes great responsibility. To meet the large demand, WordPress consistently updates its features to meet its users’ needs. In order to maximise all its potential and powers, it is important for WordPress developers to keep their finger on the pulse of WordPress updates. For 2022, WordPress welcomes the arrival of Full Site editing – which will expand the use of block editing functionality to the entire website, not just posts and pages. This affects how websites are created and managed by WordPress from this day forward.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Development

In 2021, over 7.1 billion users are going mobile. According to Statista, the numbers are only going to increase. Not only that, nearly, three-quarters of global ecommerce are done on mobile. In the day and age of constant moving, need for convenience and efficiency, mobile is the way to go. If you are a web developer, it is important to improve visibility of website for mobile users. What does it mean for a website to be ‘mobile-friendly’? It means lots of things, but for 2022, it means more one-click authentication on ecommerce websites or incorporation of biometrics for authentication such as fingerprint, face recognition or voice recognition.

  1. Dark Mode

Dark mode is now a major consideration of web and app development. Applications such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are fully on board with the design – why shouldn’t you? Slowly but surely, light and dark mode may become a default for website and applications.

  1. Improved Native Cybersecurity

Data is gold of the new age and with that, cybersecurity is important than ever before. No matter the size of your company, it is important to secure and protect all user information and data safely. The security breach not only will be a true liability to a company as it causes significant loss of revenue and hours of lost time. Overall, it will potentially taints a company’s reputation and trust. Website development has to up the ante on building stronger and better data protection.

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