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Top 3 Web Design Trends to Start your Website

No matter how good the information you put on your website, it’s the design that the visitor looks at first. If the design doesn’t appeal to them, they won’t stick around to see what your website is about. Whether it’s for your personal blog or business in Brunei, web design is the first way to reel your visitors in. With trends coming and going, the design of your website needs to be slick and appealing to your target customer. Even though there are a lot of websites out there, most go with the current trends coming into the decade. Here are some of the most common.

Dark Mode

You’ve probably seen this already, especially with social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and even Chrome itself. While everyone of them has their distinct colors, they all incorporate a Dark Mode for their users. A simple concept of light-colored elements on a dark background has made everyone switch from normal mode to dark mode, regardless of the time of day. The effectiveness of the color-scheme lies in its many benefits. The not only do the colors make the website look smoother, it also reduces the consumption of your device’s battery life. With the darker background, the device’s screen has a lower brightness overall which lessens eyestrain.


         Slightly related to Dark Mode, Minimalism explores the wonders of simplicity and elegance, and focuses on accessibility and convenience. This design uses minimal graphic elements and narrow color palettes that are pleasing to the eye. Text is also kept to a minimum, making content very direct and straightforward which in turn makes website navigation fairly easy and satisfying. This trend became popular as a way to accommodate the decreasing screen size and decrease time a user spends in a particular website. Instead of flashy images and animations, usability and navigation of the website becomes the main focus but without sacrificing appeal. Thanks to the minimalistic features, visitors focus more on the content.


3D Elements

         If your website calls for more eye-catching images and features, incorporating 3D elements is the thing for you. The essence of 3D elements is to let the customer see more clearly the products or services that your business offers. May it be real estate, architecture, or anything that is tangible, having a 3D model in your website ups your game and can make your website more futuristic in nature, impressive for the customers.


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