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From Traditional to Digital Marketing – Web Development in Brunei

In this age of the internet and communication advancement, more and more companies are shifting over to the electronic side of marketing. Companies know that their customers have a higher chance of having a mobile device than having a postbox, and they have adjusted accordingly by starting to advertise more online than on the streets of Brunei. Is it time to change tactics or will sticking to traditional have a better outcome? Let’s discuss that a bit more.

What’s the Difference?

            The two types of marketing are differentiated by the way they are distributed. Traditional Marketing is composed of those we are used seeing on the streets and at home: flyers, billboards, TV, radio, and newspapers. Generally, the older generations appreciate this kind of service because it can be kept, it’s easily understandable and therefore, more remembered. To accomplish this kind of marketing, your materials should be striking to the eye in color, size, and message. Teams of designers and sales experts are your people in this area. This kind of marketing, however, is very costly and the success of the campaign is not so easily rated.

Digital Marketing, on the other hand, makes use of social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. With the younger generation being glued to their phones, this kind of marketing becomes more fitting in today’s age. Getting your ads on the internet means you get a far wider audience with less cost, plus the ability to see how effective your campaign was. Proper web design, development, and maintenance are the keys to pulling this off. Find yourself a web developer in Brunei that you can work with to make your vision a reality. Downside is, with millions of other materials on the web, most materials are forgotten the second your audience scrolls down.


Which should I use?

         It will all depend on your product or service, and what kind of audience your targets are locked on. Right of the bat, when starting off, A few flyers and posters won’t hurt. Getting your product into television isn’t a bad idea either. But a huge effort should be directed at creating a great website for your service – a website that will not only capture the eyes of people but will stay embedded into their minds. Digital Marketing is future of your service.

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