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Web Developer vs Web Designer – Who Does What for your Website?

To some, it can be pretty confusing to understand who does what for your website. Although both are involved in Web Development, they are involved in two very separate roles in the task- just ask the web development agencies of Brunei. To give you a basic idea, the designer focuses on how your website will look – they cater more to your future viewers, concentrating on what would look best for your product. The developer, on the other hand, focuses on the “how’s” of your website. They build the foundation of your website, catering more to your vision of how you want the site to work. Developer is to Engineer as Developer is to Architect. We barely scratched the surface there, so let’s dive a bit deeper into the concept.

The developer is the guy that builds the foundation – like an engineer. But just like any engineer, there are many sub-kinds. The Front-end developer does the programming in all the visuals and elements that are part of a website’s design – usually collaborating with the web designer. The Back-end developer does the foundations in the back-end later which connects the front-end visuals to the database. Finally, the Full-stack developer is the main consultant in the development process since he is the most knowledgeable in all aspects of the web.

Now that the developer side is done, let’s move on to the designers. Like architects, designers focus on the branding elements o the site. They want to make sure that your visitors stay on your website. User Interface or UI designers deal with elements involving interaction with visitors. They make sure that elements on the website are available for interaction. User Experience or UE designers focus more on elements that will keep the visitor engaged in the website. Combining the two, Visual designers focus on creating elements that are not only appealing to the sight but convenient to use as well.

While the two skills involved in the development of a website can be intricate, this is the kind of team you need to have your vision turned to reality. Ready to take the next step? Contact the expert web designers and developers in Brunei at Activ8 BN Digital Solutions by visiting contact@activ8bn.com or contacting +637 242 4102.

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