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SEO Ranking Made Simple: things to know to grow your Brunei business

SEO this, SEO that. We’ll break down the key points for you, sans all the tech jargon (Okay, maybe there will still be a few – but don’t worry! We’ll explain them).

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process of optimising your website content in order to rank higher in search engines which yields more organic growth and traffic.

While SEO refers to any search engine optimisation process, due to the domination of Google as a global search engine, most SEO techniques cater to the Google algorithm. Regardless, these optimisation tips and techniques are still universal and applicable to any type of search engine.

How SEO can be a useful marketing tool 

  1. SEO ties with brand trust and credibility

Brand trust and credibility goes hand in hand with SEO. Imagine this: your company provides Mexican food services. A user decides to Google ‘Where to order Mexican food’. What impression would your company make if your website is found on page 2 or 3 in the Google search results? It gives a sense of insecurity to a potential customer. SEO can be used as good PR as well. Your company would look very trustworthy if you’re at the top results on Google. Moreover, it takes away any visibility towards your services. When’s the last time you checked page 2 or 3 on Google? If you’re not on page 1, you’re not winning.

  1. Easy way to capture your niche

You can easily capture your niche market by staying at the top of search results among your competitors. Users often Google something because they are interested. Staying at the top of Google search gets you organic website visitors. This means higher website traffic, more eyes to your brand/product/services and thus, higher probability of potential customers.

  1. Appeal to region-specific market

You can even capture your market specific to the region by maximising local SEO. Local SEO refers to enhancing your website content to appeal to local search engine results. A way to achieve this is by adding specific region or country keyword to your content (hint: look at our title). Focusing on a particular area ensures higher lead generation and conversion rate, due to your proximity with the customer.

Key ingredients to feed your website for maximum SEO

  1. The right keywords

Do proper research of the relevant and unique keywords related to your own website. While manual research is commendable, there are plenty of keyword research tools available online such as SEMRush and SECockpit.

  1. Great content

While putting in the right words is important, you have to make sure the quality of your content is also at par. That is, to create an engaging, impactful and compelling write-up for users to read.

  1. Backlinks

As opposed to linking your own articles, backlinks or external links refer to when other websites link your content. When a trusted website links your webpages, this signals the Google algorithm that your website is also trustworthy and high quality. Thus, boosting your website higher up the search engine results.

Simple mistakes to avoid in SEO

  1. Overlinking

Just like everything in life, do things in moderation. While link-building will boost your SEO ranking on Google, spamming internal links would only backfire your marketing strategy. Remember, quality over quantity!

  1. Placing crucial keywords on images

Don’t simply upload photos to accompany your text content – add alt text! Alt text or ‘alt tags’ is HTML attributes given to images. Website visitors won’t see it on the front-end, as it exists within the website codes. This is a great way to implement keywords without spamming!

  1. Ignoring customer search intent

Search intent refers to the purpose of a user when they type a query on Google. While creating a webpage or content, ask yourself this question: who are you writing this for? This will give you a good idea on how to approach your topics and even titles.

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