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The Do’s and Don’ts of SEO Copywriting for Businesses in Brunei

SEO Copywriting is a type of writing that aims to be more appealing to consumers while is also optimised for the search engine algorithm. A good SEO copywriter should know how to produce engaging and informational content while keeping true to the important keywords that boost search engine relevancy.

While there are many ways to increase your SEO ranking, the text holds high importance in appealing search engine algorithms. Here are a few tips to consider and avoid in practicing good SEO copywriting habits.

Do your keyword research

When it comes to SEO, keyword is power. So, make sure you know what keywords to have on your arson. This also helps you greatly in finding perspective in customer behaviour and intent. If you aim for customers who Google “how to bake a cake” make sure to write useful cake recipes with all the right keywords.

Don’t keyword-stuff your copy

Unnecessarily adding the same keyword repeatedly in hopes to trick the search engine algorithm to rank your website higher would do you more wrong than good. You risk being penalised or flagged  by Google. Not only that, but this will also give a poor user experience to potential customers.

Do consider your copy’s readability

Wear your customer’s shoes for a second and ask yourself: should you write copies to potential customers like they are experts in the field , with difficult jargon and terms?

Don’t abandon the importance of a headline

An interesting headline is all you need to entice user clicks and visits. Make sure to keep your title engaging, effective and concise.

Do write good content

An SEO-friendly copy should sit in a happy middle between quality and quantity. Wordcount is important in ensuring search engine optimisation. A way to know this is by googling your primary keyword (for example, ‘SEO in Brunei’) and looking up the first page results (these are your competitors). The average wordcount of the top three results should be your estimated wordcount. Make sure to do enough research before creating your copy as well. Consider the content points written by your competitors and the accompanied media used (video/audio/infographic/images).

Don’t leave out local SEO

Don’t forget to include region-specific keywords to capture a particular market. Hint: see our title!

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