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Improving Web Navigation

Navigating a smooth website will encourage website users to continually visit, explore, and interact with the website. Ease of usage is in the top of the list of all website users and they tend to hate websites that do not have user-friendly navigation. If your website does not have user-friendly navigation, your potential website visitors and website users will not stay and use your site therefore bringing your website traffic down. If you don’t want this to happen, you should configure and design your website to have not only an eye-catching and relevant information, but also a smooth and solid navigation that will make your visitors and users satisfied with your site. Do you want to know how to do it? Here are some tips from Brunei web designer about how to improve your website’s navigation.

Use Sitemaps and Clear Site Architecture

Put yourself ahead of the competition by creating a website that has smoother navigation that provides better user-friendly experience compared to other websites. You can start by creating a sitemap and a clear site architecture. This is essential because your users will constantly refer to your sitemap to find all the information your website have. Even if your users do not use the sitemap as often as they should, providing one creates a better website experience for them. To learn more, check out this article about the importance of sitemaps.

Segregate Your Website’s Information

Reading long and wordy articles should be left behind to books and newspapers. In the era of online sites, segregating your information is the key to engage more users. Separate your information based on various categories and create short but relevant contents to send the right message to your visitors. No need to create long articles that your users will not finish, create articles that are clear and concise to make your users want to read more. Check out this site and see how they segregate information to create more web traffic.

Unlock the Power of a Search Bar

No one wants to explore a website for long hours just to find a content or an article they have read a long time ago. Create a better experience for your users by adding a search bar! A well-place search bar will instantly make your website better that your competitors. Create a search bar that interacts with your visitors by suggesting relevant keywords, anticipate the user’s search item, indicate the previous search questions, and so much more. You will provide a better user experience when they can find the content and information they need instantly.

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