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Cloud Hosting vs. Web Hosting

Cloud hosting and Web hosting are two common terms being asked to potential website owners in developing a website. While both hosting options are being used in the market today, there are still important distinctions between the two in terms of their processes and technicalities that we should consider before picking the right hosting solution for our websites.


Web hosting is like being in the process of buying and renting space to put your website on the internet. The web host has a secured remote location and continually conducts maintenances on their servers to ensure that your website is always up and running. There are different web hosting services such as where individual website owners can put their websites with a remote web hosting provider or you can enlarge your scale by entering an enterprise web hosting agreement, where you put your trust on internet service providers (ISPs) to host your sites. Cloud computing can actually provide remote web hosting, but with some unique differences.


Cloud computing is simply using the internet as a delivery system to offer computer services such as servers, storage, databases, and so much more, that will enable any business to have flexible resources, better innovation, and even scale up their businesses according to the market demand. The biggest difference compared to web hosting would be what they call the “Single Client versus Multi-Tenant Approach”. Cloud computing is “multi-tenant” which means that they offer the services of their servers to multiple clientele, housing their data and information that they can access whenever they need it through the internet.


In summary, Web Hosting can give small and large website owners a dedicated and focused server where they can put the data and information to host their websites. On the other hand, Cloud Hosting will deliver a more flexible and on-demand hosting service that uses the internet to ensure larger storage and a feature-heavy hosting service.


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