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Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) is a well-known oil and gas company in Brunei, while the Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) offers technical education in the country. Collaboratively, BSP and IBTE initiated the Safety Health Innovation Excellence Leadership Development (SHIELD) programme to cultivate a robust safety culture among IBTE students, preparing them for their future careers. To promote the programme and feature it on participation certificates awarded to students upon completion, BSP sought our assistance to design a logo for the SHIELD programme.

The objective was to craft a logo that embodies the essence of the SHIELD programme, with each element in the design bearing significance or symbolising an aspect of the programme. Simultaneously, the logo would integrate the branding colours of the IBTE logo.


Design and Development

During concept development, we provided several logo options in the form of sketches. The logos generally contained symbols that represent safety in various ways. The client chose a concept they preferred, and we refined the logo to further align with their values and target audience. 

The final product is a Symbol Mark logo type that combines a helmet and shield to represent safety and protection. Additionally, it incorporates a health symbol to underscore the promotion of a safety-conscious culture among students. This design effectively communicates the core values of the SHIELD programme. We also provided basic branding guidelines to the client.



The client gave positive feedback on the logo and requested us to design and apply the logo across various mediums such as certificates, awards, a backdrop, and a PowerPoint template, which we were happy to fulfil as the closing task for the BSP x IBTE project.

Note: This is where we showcase the certificate (IBTE 02)

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