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How much do IT consultants cost?

Information technology (IT) consultants work in various fields and organizations, but their main occupation involves advising clients on IT-related information to help with their business endeavors and aid with marketing strategies if the establishment lacks required tech experience. They also help with computer and software problems, and should be acquainted with desktop and server problems and help with troubleshooting.

Many professions and the salaries connected to these professions, Information Technology included, vary depending on several factors. These factors include location, experience level, type of employment, size of company, etc.

For instance, in the UK, the IT consultant working independently receive rates varying from £30 to £130 per hour, and around £60,154 annually. The average rate, however, is lower and is estimated to be around £55 per hour. Collected data showed that 70% of IT consultancies rate their hourly services at around 72 – 107 pounds per hour. Other companies offer IT consulting rates of 108 – 143 pounds per hour. In London, IT consultants receive a fee around 46,113 pounds per year.

Overall, there is no fixed rate for consulting fees of IT specialists; it will all depend on the experience of the consultant. Increase in experience of an IT consultant is directly proportional to the consulting fees that they offer. An entry-level Information Technology (IT) Consultant in the Philippines with less than 5 years of experience usually earns an average of 401 thousand pesos based on surveying of anonymous users, although the average fee for an IT Consultant is 578,702 pesos per year.

In Brunei Darussalam, the average monthly salary for IT-related occupations is BND 4,785  or BND  57,420 annually. IT coordinators gain around BND 74,384 annually while IT managers gain BND 56,295.

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