Brunei marketing strategy 2020 - online presence and impressions

Brunei marketing strategy 2020

Why should online presence and impressions be prioritized?

Digital marketing is everywhere nowadays. Everywhere you look on the internet, you see ads for just about anything you can imagine. Baby strollers, cat food, computers, your local coffee shops. Anything! This is because just about everyone is on the internet. With technology advancing quickly and connection to the internet getting easier to obtain, the digital market is essential to tap into if you want the attention your business needs.

While mobile phones are the best targets for presenting your product or services en masse, other digital medias are a great avenue for exposure. Digital billboards, mobile friendly websites, search engine optimization, influencer marketing, email marketing. There are countless ways to use digital marketing as a means to push your business out into the open for potential customers to see.

Brunei digital advertising company

The problem here is that despite being a booming economy, Brunei lacks in that aspect. Majority of companies and businesses still stick to traditional marketing by using business cards, newspapers or print ads, posters, commercials on both tv and radio. Which, I can say are actually pretty effective depending on the market that you want to hit. But considering that these types of marketing strategies only aim for an outdated demographic, you’d want to go bigger and get up to speed on the advancement of marketing.

The pros of traditional marketing which is longevity, while economically sound, is the lazy man’s game. Being able to stick your ad on a piece of newspaper and have it expensively run for days or weeks provides no flexibility in terms of updating the information you provide to the readers. Not to mention it doesn’t actually much in relation to the amount you paid.

Digital marketing gives you the power to edit the information you give out to all the visitors your website or the followers your social media account have and target the right audience you need. Creating a more user-friendly interface that is easy on the eyes with aesthetics and have functionality is sure to entice those people who come to your website hoping to get what they need from your type of business.

So, make sure you get up to speed. Not only is it more cost-efficient, but it’s also relatively easier to handle!

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