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Types of Product Photography

Product photography, also known as e-commerce photography, is all the rage in the era of modern technology. Usually used in online shopping, product photography features a best representation of the product for marketing and advertising purposes, since consumers could only rely on visuals and descriptions to get a grasp of that product before purchasing. However, they can also be seen in magazines and other advertisements. There are various types or subcategories of product photography, ranging on the complexity of the shoot and the kind of products being photographed. To name a few:


The standard of product photography, this is for retailers who engage in selling more than one type of product. Due to their circumstance, they would need a static studio set-up to be able to photograph all of their products efficiently and in a quick amount of time. This usually involves a plain studio background with the main aim of showcasing what the products looks like.


This set-up is very often used not only for its simplicity and straightforwardness, but also to create the illusion of a “floating” product and to edit the photos easier. The details of the product are easier seen with a white product (unless of course if the product itself is pure white!)


Group product shots are used for displaying of options to the buyer. For instance, this type of photography is used for a product with many colors available in stock. Grouping them together in the shot allows the customer to compare all of their options and choose what they think is best for them.


This type of photography approach aims to create scale, to allow the customers to get a visualization of the dimensions of the product. For instance, these shots can incorporate human models using or wearing the product. These shots are to make sure there is no misinformation regarding the product’s size (Trust me, this happens a lot in online shopping.)


Like the previous type, these shots show a model in use of or wearing the product. This is in case the product is not common/untraditional, and so the buyers have an idea of the product’s function.


This particular type of product photography is challenging, since sets are harder to adjust to large products. Sometimes, studios are not even big enough to accommodate the product. Hence, adaptation and resourcefulness is essential in adjusting the location, lighting, and shooting techniques regarding the product involved.

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