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Types of Corporate Videos and Their Functions

Corporate videos, video formats used for communication for both internal or external corporate messaging by a company, do not only function for one thing but actually include a wide variety catering to various purposes. Here are some of these varieties:

Brand Videos

This type of video, usually found on your website or page, is used to present an overview of your brand, what you represent, your story, strengths, and values. They should encapsulate what you want your company profile to be and when done right, can be a strong factor in increasing brand awareness to your audience.

Training Videos

These videos are presented to orient new hires or to educate employees on various required training such as health and safety measures. Training videos are efficient since they help save time and effort, as well as costs compared to personal training.

Internal Communication Videos

These videos are for sending information to targeted people within the corporation, for the purposes of introducing upgrades or changes to the company, or to explain or clarify company guidelines. Generally, they are aimed at sharing information with a certain group of people relating to the company to ensure that they are informed about the necessary details.

Conference Videos

Conference videos are delivered during presentations or booths at corporate events where you aim to convey a message or certain information to the people who will be attending. The context of the video varies depending on the nature of the conference, but generally is about valuable information about your company related to the conference topic.

Social Media Videos

These videos are often short and catchy videos which aim to capture your audience’s attention to your company’s products or services. Social media is everywhere and used by almost everyone, so getting your message across through this avenue will prove to be helpful, especially if your corporate video garners comments and shares.

Testimonial Videos

This type of corporate video features feedback, through case studies, quotes, or interviews, from your customers and clients regarding the satisfaction they have with your company. This is a form of advertising that compels your target audience to test your products or services as potential consumers.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Videos

This type is relatively new and relates to social initiatives of the company to contribute to the welfare of society or the environment. As a display of responsible endeavors, these videos show your brand’s principles and ethics as doing your part to make a difference to the world outside what your company provides.

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