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Steps in Developing a Corporate Video

The steps that involve producing corporate videos revolve around different factors such as the type of corporate video being made, who the video production team is (if they’re part of the said corporation or someone hired from outside,) and the nature or context of the project. However, the general steps usually involve the brief client meet, developing a script, story boarding, communicate with client, production and delivery. For a more detailed discussion of the process, read on below.


Inquiry of Client

Like other general services involving hiring, the client first makes an initial inquiry to the prospective person or people involved. In this case, the client would explain their vision of the video project to the production team, as well as other necessary information, in order to determine if the team has a critical understanding of the project objectives and is good to hire for corporate video production. The agency in turn would also provide an estimated cost of their services given the client’s information.


Concept Development/ Brainstorming

After the initial meet, both the video production team and the company involved will then focus on creating a framework of ideas to bring life to the project. This involves thinking of creative and more detailed concepts and a script by the production team and collaborating with the company to eventually come up with a plan that both sides would agree upon.


Storyboard Creation

With a concept in mind, the production team would then focus on designing storyboards or a graphic timeline in pictures representing the visualized shots for the video, serving as a guide when filming starts.


Production Planning and Location Research

Production planning involves initializing the technicalities of the project, including establishment of the filming schedules and timelines, hiring of actors and other crew, etc. After this, the production team needs to find the ideal shooting location which based on their research can be managed when potential filming obstacles and disturbances may arise.



When all is set and ready, filming can now start. As such, the production team (and director) would orient the cast and crew beforehand with the necessary cues and make sure the set is secure and safety precautions are followed.


Editing and Presentation

Footage from filming then enters the editing stage, where a first assembly of the video is made and along with feedback from the client is entertained. Then, succeeding drafts are created until no changes to the video are needed to be executed anymore. After this, the final product is finished and the corporate video is complete.


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