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Static Vs CMS – Which is better for your Website?

When creating a website, you are most often asked by website developers to choose between a Static Website or a Content Management System or CMS Website. The question to you is, do you know what is which? A static website is the basic form where there is almost no custom coding, making it the easiest to create. A CMS website, or dynamic website as called by others, is a site that can show different content from the same source code making it more dynamic and sophisticated. In Brunei, your web developer will be more than happy to explain it to you but let us give you a little background to help you decide which is better for your upcoming website.

If your website calls for only two to three pages of information, this can be classified as a static website. Static Websites are easy and low-cost to develop and low effort to maintain. Each page is an individual file composed in HTML without interactivity features except hyperlinks and images. A Static website has content delivered to the users without having the need to be modified or processed because the website shows the same page to all as there is a single HTML file. In short, static websites are generally just websites that remain the same unless the source code is changed.

CMS Websites, on the other hand, contains pages that have content that would be more operational and interactive as opposed to just reading it. Designing a CMS website requires a lot more coding in different programming languages and requires constant maintenance. In a CMS website, the content is made to cater to the viewers based on specifications that you think are necessary. What one person sees on your website, might not be the same on the other side of the world. In simpler terms, a CMS website is a site that has content that can change to cater the different audiences, times, and different languages.

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