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Y Generation Enterprise has enlisted Activ8 BN’s assistance to establish and curate content for Brembo’s official social media pages in Brunei. Brembo is a renowned brand specialising in aftermarket automotive brake components. The objective of this project is to heighten brand awareness and inform the general public that Y Generation has been designated as the Official Partner for Brembo, granting them the privilege to distribute Brembo brake parts in Brunei.

The overarching goal for Y Generation is to convey to the audience that Brembo is a trusted brand in the realm of brakes. Furthermore, they aim to position themselves as the go-to supplier for those in need of brake replacements, with the ultimate aim of generating leads.


How We Helped

In our strategy to boost Brembo’s online presence in Brunei, we utilised Instagram and Facebook, optimising the bio and content formatting on both platforms. Our content creation plan involved generating a monthly set of curated Stories and Feed posts, comprising educational, interactive, and localised content. We ensured a consistent posting frequency of at least twice a week. 

Additionally, we strategically leveraged monthly sponsored content with a $100 budget for optimal reach, targeting a specific audience based on their interests to maximise impact. This approach aims to sustain engagement and further increase brand awareness.



Based on our analytics, posts that primarily utilise visual content achieved significant reach and impressions, resulting in a considerable increase in organic followers for the account overall. We are happy to be a part of Y Generation’s journey in promoting the Brembo brand in Brunei.

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