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Three reasons why mobile developers are important – IT companies in Brunei

Smartphone users have increased exponentially in recent years – the world has gone mobile. E-commerce cannot go far without mobile applications. Gone were the days of handing leaflets, catalogue subscriptions, door-to-door sales and customer service hotlines. Nowadays, people rely on their mobile to shop for goods and services. Need anything? There is an app for that. Whether you are a start-up or an established business with a flourishing enterprise, there is no denying that you should consider investing in IT companies for mobile app development. Here are reasons how mobile applications can be beneficial to your marketing strategies.

1. Consistent communication with your customers

On top of ensuring constant visibility and availability, a mobile app can act as a direct channel of communication between you and your customers. With that, you can also utilise the push notification feature to inform customers of any new arrivals, available discounts, offers or simply using it to send reminders to your customers. All in all, mobile apps guarantee better engagements with your customers that will positively affect your business.

2. Foster customer loyalty

With a mobile app, you will no longer be constraint with features of social media to provide better service to your customers. Design and develop a mobile application that belongs to you – fitted to your vision and liking. You will be able to customise functions and perks to reward your loyal and valued customers through means such as coupons. Follow the steps of the multinational retailer, Sephora, through the introduction of the Sephora Beauty Insider app that boasts more than 25 million online customers from the app alone. Their app comes with perks of coupon codes and discounts, making their old customers stay loyal to their brand and new customers joining.

3. Strike an edge in the market

Get to know about your target market and learn about your customers through mobile application analytics. These data will inform you about your customer’s behaviour and interests which will help you to better serve your customers. Extend your brand experience online, not just through your website. Have an edge in the market – curate an innovative and unique experience for your customers. For example, understanding that Under Armour customers are part of the fit and healthy lifestyle, customers of the Under Armour smart shoes can connect their pair to Under Armour’s mobile app for physical performance analytics.

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